Get rapid relief from your neck and back pain today with Spinal Manipulation done by our specially credentialed physios.

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What is Spinal Manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is hands on technique that provides a quick stretch to the joints of the spine that in turn causes a crack or pop sound.

The sound you hear is actually a release of nitrogen gas. It takes 20 minutes after a joint has been cracked for that gas to build up again before you can manipulate the joint again.

When a joint is manipulated and the gas is released little receptors in the joint and tendon are stimulated which in turn causes the muscles overlying that area to relax for approximately 15 minutes.

During this time we hope that the muscles go back to restful state. It’s kind of like restarting your computer when it is not working properly.

Contrary to popular belief no joints actually go out or need to put back into place or are out of align. These are all myths.

Spinal Manipulation Victoria Physio

Our Physios are Specially Credentialed.

Our clinic is renowned for treatment delivery of Spinal Manipulation in Victoria, BC. Spinal manipulation can only be performed by specially credentialed physiotherapists. You can rest assured that ALL of our physios at Broadmead Physiotherapy Clinic are certified to use this technique.


Many forms of neck and back pain can be successfully treated with spinal manipulation. Here are some common ones…
  • Neck and back pain
  • Headaches
  • Stiff joints and muscles
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal disc problems
  • Sciatica
  • Piriformis syndrome


Paul McIntyre physiotherapist at Broadmead Physiotherapy

Paul McIntyre

Colleen Davies physiotherapist at Broadmead Physiotherapy

Colleen Davies

Matt Rose physiotherapist at Broadmead physiotherapy

Matt Rose

BSc. Kin, MSc. PT, CAFCI, Functional Dry Needling / IMS
Nicholas Friesen physiotherapist at Broadmead physiotherapy

Nicholas Friesen

BSc.Hons, MSc.PT, Dry Needling / IMS
Lauren Macauley physiotherapist at Broadmead Physiotherapy

Lauren Macauley


Mary Wong Colebrook

BSc. Kin, MSc. PT, CAFCI, Functional Dry Needling / IMS


It’s super frustrating when you are constantly aware of discomfort in your body and not feeling like yourself.

The good news is our highly skilled physios who specialize in spinal manipulation in Victoria, BC are here to help you.

Make an appointment today and get relief.


Nisha Jhamat
Nisha Jhamat
16:45 16 Jan 23
I would highly recommend Nick Friesen. I've been working with him over the course of a few months, with a back/neck injury and he has been nothing but a miracle worker. I tried so many different physiotherapists and Nick is the only one who could actually help me. He's very very knowledgeable and just an all around great guy with a positive attitude! I look forward to my sessions with him. I'm sure any of the physiotherapists at broadmead physio are just as great. Bonus that the receptionists are super helpful and very polite!! Always so friendly!read more
Nicolas Pinard
Nicolas Pinard
04:57 10 Nov 22
I always got excellent help from Nick Friesen whenever we met. Through some basic movement tests, he was immediately able to pinpoint the root cause of the issue! I highly recommend his services!read more
22:06 06 Aug 22
My husband (big fan of hockey) found this physio by Googling and booked for Ian (His profile shows Ian used to be a physical therapy consultant to the Edmonton Oilers!). I had a major accident last year. I can walk on my own again without any devices because of Ian’s help and guidance. He is indeed honest, compassionate, knowledgeable, helpful, and has a good sense of humour. He sends me follow up emails to ensure that I don’t forget my training menu at home. I have never seen such a dedicated therapist in my life. The physio office is always really clean and all the receptionists are helpful. Thank you.read more
Tara MacLeod
Tara MacLeod
17:25 15 Jun 22
Colleen Davies is the best! I put my back out, summer 2019 and tried everything for 3 weeks until I found out about Colleen and her magic IMS needles. I was walking again the next day😀. I have been back for 2 maintenance sessions since then and my back is great!I am looking forward to some relief with my "tennis elbow" next😅All the sporty, fun, crazy activities of youth catching up! Thank you 💛read more
Lawrie Keogh
Lawrie Keogh
22:58 02 Apr 22
Feeling so much better after treatment with Colleen! Can’t say enough about her and the clinic. Highly recommend!
Lorraine Bradbury
Lorraine Bradbury
16:48 10 Feb 22
I cannot say enough about Paul, Lauren and the entire crew at Broadmead Orthopaedic Physio! I found Paul 20 years ago when I had unsuccessfully tried 4 other physiotherapists, and my GP recommended Paul. Paul had me fixed after 3 sessions, when all others failed! His knowledge of the entire human body system is utterly thorough! More recently, Lauren treated me for severe vertigo, fixed completely in one session ! They are the best of the best !read more