Get expert treatment and advice for rotator cuff injuries from our highly skilled and credentialed physiotherapists.

We direct bill extended health insurance plans. No referral needed. All of our physios at Broadmead Physio Clinic have specialized training in IMS.

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injuries?

  • Pain while lifting or moving the arms above shoulder level.
  • Pain while lying on your side/difficulty sleeping
  • Pain with general use of your arms/shoulders
  • Painful clicking in the shoulders
rotator cuff stick figure

How We Treat Rotator Cuff Injuries

We treat shoulder pain/rotator cuff injuries through education first. The key to getting better is understanding your injury in the first place, as well as knowing how we are going to help you get back to normal. We use a variety of techniques. For rotator cuff injuries, this may include manual therapy, IMS, stretching and strengthening exercises.

How do rotator cuff injuries typically occur?

Rotator cuff injuries typically occur as you age and with general use. Engaging in sports or other activities where you’re prone to falling often may also exacerbate these injuries. This is especially the case if you fall and land on your shoulder or attempt to catch yourself from falling. Poor posture can also cause rotator cuff injuries by putting extra strain on the muscles and tendons that make up the rotator cuff. This extra strain can cause those muscles and tendons to become overworked, stressed, and eventually lead to injury.


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Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) performed by our skilled, credentialed physiotherapists in Victoria, BC can get you rapid relief from chronic, painful conditions.

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Paul McIntyre physiotherapist at Broadmead Physiotherapy

Paul McIntyre

Matt Rose physiotherapist at Broadmead physiotherapy

Matt Rose

BSc. Kin, MSc. PT, CAFCI, Functional Dry Needling / IMS
Ian Hallworth physiotherapist at Broadmead physiotherapy

Ian Hallworth

BSc.PT, MSc. Rehab Science, Dry Needling / IMS
mary wong physiotherapist at Broadmead Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Clinic

Mary Wong Colebrook

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